How To Add Video Background To A Page?

Imagine setting up a site with large “hero” images in the header. Large-sized images can make your site attractive. Yet they usually don’t catch your visitor’s eyes effectively. except to stay there and look cool. Having an attractive header containing the hero section tempting is beneficial. At this point when a visitor lands on your site, you have moments to catch their eyes on your page.
First, let me ask you, do you really need to catch their eye and hold on to your web page? If yes, then read below.

A video on the hero section should do this. Background video makes it clearer and more attractive for the visitor to understand. Adding a video background to your WordPress site does not need to be overwhelming. You can also add videos to any presentation page, post, article, etc. Here’s a look at how it is so straightforward.

Benefit of using video background on page

Establish a strong brand image

Visibility matters a lot these days. This is the age to compete for prominence amidst tough competition. Yet, if you are not specific then you cannot stand out within the conflict. To be of a type you have to establish a strong brand personality. Adding a video to the homepage describes your character in your target market.

Engages Potential Customers
Homepages are the primary things a website visitor comes across on a website. Through these, they form the primary influence of the website. Thus, it is necessary for them to have pleasing revelations. Including videos on your homepage is a great way to interact with your target audience. A website with a video background serves a purpose — one, it is informative and it is unique.
Homepage video Double Lead Conversion

The goal of building a website is to drive site visitors and search for potential customers. To do this, you should look for exact ways to increase regular visitors to your website. The video on the homepage does it for you. Keep your website traffic stick with your website. Including video on the homepage can split your value proposition for potential customers. And further, motivate them to make a special buy for action.

Reaches your message to the target market

Most time people leave required messages that you might have tried to convey. And your motive is not fulfilled and you also lose potential customers. Well, there is a solution to this problem. If you need the traffic to your website, starting videos can create them faster than the data you read.

Add video background using Elementor plugin

Elementor is one such popular, well-known, and trusted WordPress page builder available. Its live web page builder allows you to modify the width and height of a section. Add effects, create the entrance of content, change columns, padding, and margins.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop web page builder for developing amazing websites. Without a coding competency, you can select a subject with a video background option. The interface is entertaining and smooth to work with. Reduces the time it takes to optimize your website. You can use the element in both posts or pages.
Steps – 1
Get a new page or open a present one with elementor page builder & add a section from the editor by clicking on the plus button.
Step – 2
Select the desired width section for your page. Or go to the Edit panel on your elementor and select the ‘Stretch Section’ option. So that it will take up the full width of the page.
Step – 3
Once you are done, with the previous step, you will see at the left, a new panel will appear. The name indicates (edit segment), that is to modify the panel section. You can choose the appearance of the section from the Layout tab. Navigate to the ‘Style’ tab and choose ‘Video’ within the ‘Background Type’ options. Below, you can insert a hyperlink to the video that you want to present in the background of a specific section.
Note: You can provide any YouTube video hyperlink as your background video. You can mark the start and end times of the video as 2 in the photograph above.
Step – 4
The next choice is the background fallback, in which you need to place a picture. This is necessary if the video does not play for some reason. In this situation, visitors will at least be able to see the image. The video cannot be different. customers also visit your website from a mobile device may not be accurate enough.
Step – 5
In case you need to feature a few textual contents to the video. First, navigate to the ‘style’ tab, then select the ‘background Overlay’ option. Thereafter, choose a solid or gradient shade relying on your motive. Then move beforehand and add your heading or a paragraph of text. You can set different elements on top of your background video as well. For this reason, background video works in an equal manner as any other background type. But, don’t neglect to make certain that the text is readable. Also, make sure the video within the background doesn’t distract from the elements on top of it.

That’s it!! Easy right!! You have to follow to create a background video on your section with the help of Elementor Page Builder.

General tips for setting video background

A great user can be offered in the video background. Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing video backgrounds:

  • Add high-resolution video with high resolution.
  • Compress all videos to manage the right page load speed.
  • Keep the video duration under one minute.
  • Set a fallback image background for browsers that do not render videos.
  • Keep videos away from auto-play with sound. Rather, provide site visitors with the option to enable video sound.
Video backgrounds are a powerful tool to get the interest of your site visitors. It can also help deliver your brand message to your business. If custom coding is not for you, use plugins to feature a Fullscreen video background on your site.

Other Plugins for adding video background

Image Video Audio Background
Untitled design (15)

Easiest video background WordPress plugin that supports YouTube and Vimeo videos. You can play a video in a loop, loop more than one video, or play movies from a playlist. This video background plugin will work flawlessly. Help’s display your business products or services on your landing pages. This video player additionally supports audio.

Mb.YTPlayer for background video
Untitled design (17)

With a few easy steps, this plugin helps you upload YouTube videos to your website as a background. You can spark this for any web page of your website, including posts. The plus version of the plugin gives additional functions. Like- Set the video starting point, manage audio range, and music. The video’s approach on Google Analytics.

Video background
Untitled design (18)

Video background provides an easy way to present a video background on any page and post. All primary Internet browsers support this plugin. The plugin can be installed with an easy shortcode. Also, its functions include adding a shadow overlay, enabling looping. Offer’s tap-to-unmute buttons for site visitors. In just five minutes, you can create a beautiful backdrop.

Video and parallax background
Untitled design (19)

This plugin is an add-on function for WPBakery web page builder. You can upload image parallax scrolling effects, video backgrounds, and hover effects. Additionally, there is the option of full-width, full-height, or Fullscreen rows.

Now you have an accurate idea of appealing video backgrounds on websites’. But, don’t neglect that no longer every website or business pairs well with this graphic style. In case you provide your clients with more complicated services or products. It is better to keep in mind different means of attracting their interest or work at the video itself. To make it greater appropriate for the project.

You can place a video nearly anywhere and it’s going to produce an impact. site visitors prefer videos due to the fact they’re handy, digestible, and attractive. Your business advantages from video because it’s fascinating, instructional, and mobile-friendly.

So, in case you want to feature a video background to a website but don’t understand where to begin? We are here to be greater than glad that will help you in kritish digital zone. Please contact us to speak about the current traits in video backgrounds. And see how they are able to work for the gain of your business goals.


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